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I work about 4 or 5 days of the week and make good money. I’m still figuring my way around but I love it. I only have one real regular so far but hes a possible sugar daddy now. I hope he gives me a call soon! Hes given me about about $500 doll hairs for about 2 hours of my time already. We’ll call him “Doc” Ah so back on track…I’m just gonna do a recap of all my sessions today.

First was “M”: Totally tolerable crazy 50 something old white male. Claimed to be a sex addict. Didnt remember seeing me before..ugh. Asked me if I wanted to be his little latina baby…ugh..offered a $50 doll hair tip to suck his dick…I laughed. Last time I told him I had a gf..he said he could tell then he asked for me to stand behind him and pretend that I was jacking off my own dick. No tipping bastards shouldnt ask for SHIT

Second was: I FORGOT obv he sucked..lol ill EDIT tomorrow when I look at the book

Third was “S” He fell asleep so I stood there for most of the time then when time was almost up I…well lets just say he was really surprised when He woke up. Good tipper!

THENNNN I had “D”: God I love sexy clients. He was thirty and played in a folk punk band. If he only knew he couldve gotten it all for free..oh well I love getting paid to get off.

work in the am

will post funny old stories sometime soon.

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I needed an off day plus I stayed up pretty late.(Im glad thats all of an excuse I need to not go to work) I might go to my parents house, they have no idea what I do. Its not really I think I could even discuss with them. They would probably just cry and say that I worry them. But anyway I want to go to the mall as well because MAC took out that cute sailor line and I want a new red lipstick and since I did well yesterday Ill treat myself to that. I also need to meet with a friend who I haven’t seen in a while. He also has no idea what I do. Also a study group at 8! ah too much to do. I still love off days though!

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Having an awful day. I have to stop going to bed so late. I missed two people because of being late today! That’s money just out of my hands….wahh. hopefully “doc” stops by soon

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So my only experience with fetishes has been a guy came in with a foot fetish. He bought me some awful nude thigh highs and I wore these purple heels. I wish he wouldve called like a day before so I really could prepare but whatever. I let him put the thigh highs on for me and the shoes. Take them off for me. He sucked on my toes forever, give me an amazing foot rub, came and left.

I hope to do more fetish work but I don’t know where to start.

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So far so good. I’m just hungry and there’s nothing to eat!

So far today “M”: I finally did a four hands with “J” (another girl that works here) itwas so much fun. She’s so good. She has personality and a great ass. Clientes love her so basically I just learned all kinds of things to work into my sessions! But yeah back to “m” owns a coffee shop had tattoos about 45ish not bad looking and tipped both of us. Super sweet. Men love my boobs! Haha but for real though. Having natural dds really helps me. He asked ” do you have a stalker?” I said no and he replied “do you want one?” He was joking…I hope.

“D”: came in like 15 mins and give me 140 dollars. He was super happy with my hand work. He said I was a such a warm person. I think I just try to actually listen to them. He also said he’s come see me more! Yay give me your money!